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Clients interface

We provide our clients with access to financial services using the web or mobile applications.

They provide clients with:

  • icon Online onboarding and KYC
  • icon Multi-currency accounts
  • icon Multiple payment cards
  • icon SEPA and SWIFT bank transfers
  • icon Direct transfers by phone number
  • icon Card-to-card transfers
  • icon Transactions history
  • icon Cashback programs
  • icon Multiple top up options, including prepaid scratch-cards
  • icon Crypto currency module to hold and instantly exchange crypto assets
  • icon Client support chat

Bank crm

СRM - Customer Relation Module collects and stores information about users, and has instruments to monitor their compliance with a legal requirements.

The CRM is capable to:

  • icon Manage customers applications
  • icon Customer registration in applications
  • icon Usage of different methods as second factor
  • icon Initiate customer’s payments in applications
  • icon Manage customer’s chats
  • icon Show customer’s transactions history
  • icon Import payments into applications
  • icon Export customer’s extract

Automatic banking system

ABS (Automatic Banking System) - a customisable accounting and reporting system, fine-tuned to work in accordance with the international accounting standards.

The ABS is fully integrated and interfaced: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Fixed Assets.

  • icon Includes an integrated Cashbook.
  • icon Provides the budgeting facilities.
  • icon Supports Accruals/Resource based accounting practices.
  • icon Provides all screens, documentation and help (on screen and electronic/printed manuals) in UK/US English.

Fintech managment system

Fintech Application Management system provides secure connection of applications to the system core, and also manages user rights and validates user payment requests.

The system provides:

  • icon Support and provide strong authentication communications with applications
  • icon Support communications with AISP and PISP
  • icon Support different second factor authentication tools
  • icon Support queue to ensure communications with applications
  • icon Support tunnel encryption to applications to protect sensitive data

Payment module with aml

Payment Module is a module that processes all incoming and outgoing payments. It provides payment automation and integration with different payment systems.

The following operations are available under an automated AML control:

  • icon Internal Payments
  • icon SEPA external outgoing Payments (SCT)
  • icon SWIFT external outgoing Payments (MT103)
  • icon SEPA external incoming Payments (SCT)
  • icon SWIFT external incoming Payments (MT103)
  • icon Payments Cards Purchase
  • icon Payments Cards Cash Withdrawal
  • icon Payments Cards Credits
  • icon Top Up payment processing
  • icon Postpone (conditional Payments)
  • icon Commission payments
  • icon Currency exchange (clients and internal)

Crypto module

Crypto Module is a subsystem, embedded in web and mobile applications, that allows customers to receive, send, store and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Functional subsystems:

  • icon Cryptocurrency nodes connected to blockchains
  • icon Multi-node: a universal interface between nodes and other application modules
  • icon Secure storage system for the private keys
  • icon Interface to a financial institution for direct working with the fiat currencies
  • icon External crypto currency stock exchange integration module
  • icon Internal and external transfers module
  • icon Currency exchange module
  • icon Double entry bookkeeping system

For banks

Modern highly automated core banking system.

Web and mobile applications - client access to financial products.

Fintech Application Management system an application management system, with the following functions:

  • Customer rights management for initiating and confirming payments
  • Support of the various two-factor payment confirmation solutions
  • Ensuring safe application connection with core modules
  • CRM (Customer Relation Module) is a modern system built on the basis of BPM principles (Business Process Management), where all operations with customer data and products are defined as workflow and thus allow standardising their processing and interaction with external systems.

Remote/On board customer registration

Verification of customer data from external sources (blacklists, scoring, etc.)

Maintaining links between customers and products defined by law

  • Web-based interface, which gives final users a unified access to all connected modules. System allows access to complex data according to the rights, defined by user roles.
  • Payment Module - a module for all incoming and outgoing payments processing. A modern system built on the basis of BPM principles. All types of payments are processed on the basis of workflow. That allows us to store additional metadata with each payment (further used in reporting and post processing payments) and also to connect external actions to each payment - such as monitoring solutions, Processing Payment Decision based on AML Rules.

General payment integrator with workflow-based payment status of each type for payment

Interaction with communication modules of the payment systems (SEPA, SWIFT, MasterCard, VISA, Blockchain)

Forward payments to ABS info

Accounting operations

Preparation of financial and supervisory reports

Generation of the annual report with all applications

For fintech

Our fintech solutions can be provided on a white label approach, or as custom-tailored separate modules

Crypto module: SDK module, which should be implemented into client applications to communicate with crypto broker system.

It provides the following options:

  • Possibility to show current crypto currency amounts of customer's crypto broker account
  • Crypto-crypto exchange
  • Crypto-fiat, fiat-crypto exchange with the supply of fiat from customer's linked financial institution account
  • Transactions history
Client support chat:

The system which may be installed into client applications and served as a communication tool between clients and financial organisation and/or crypto broker.

Should be used with following components:

  • 3 tier clients support (possibility to separate and pass clients chat between different tiers with different level of expertise)
  • Possibility to communicate with customer via WhatsApp chat
  • Multiple client supporting manager (even remote) processing customers requests, possibility to temporally exclude one or the group of managers (if for example they are not serve customers at the moment)
Crypto broker back office solution:

The system which includes the following components:

  • Double entry bookkeeping system
  • Operations processing module with 'cold' and 'hot' wallets for incoming and outgoing blockchain operations
  • External crypto currency stock exchange integration module
  • Accounting data report module
  • Bonus program module.
    We have a possibility to integrate external bonus program suppliers with our banking software (to pay bonuses based on client activity or let bonuses be used within payments workflow)
  • Online Insurance module which allows users to get an online insurance quotes, tailor and purchase an insurance policy instantly.

For crypto

We have a wide range of competences in the crypto industry

Among the implemented projects are several turnkey cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to technical work on trading platforms, the company has developed all the regulatory documents and procedures required for the work.

  • Today, we have an extensive database of ready-made cases to launch a crypto exchange from scratch in any suitable jurisdiction.
  • One of our specializations is developing and issuing tokens for various purposes for clients, listing on crypto exchanges, and full support of ICO and STO procedures.
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